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      By mido | 23.09.2020
    • не могу зайти в игру

      By mido | 22.09.2020
    • Special Muun Pets

      By Admin | 20.09.2020
    • Update #4

      By Admin | 17.09.2020
    • Dambo King (Muun Invasion)

      By Admin | 17.09.2020

    Congratulations to the Guild GanG winning the Castle Siege. Also thanks to all participants of the Castle Siege!


    On Weapons/Pendants Changed Eexcellent Option Level/50 > Double Damage Rate 3%

    Increased amount of monsters in Devil Square 1-6.

    Added new Pets for each class in Xshop. Durability 2 days.

    Added new Pets in drop from Golden Erohim / Golden Kundun / Golden Hell Maine

    Pets from Bosses Durability  24 Hours / Cannot be traded.

    Changed prices in Xshop for tickets BC/DS/Kalima

    Added Pets for experience in Xshop (Skeleton,Panda Pets/ Skeleton,Panda Rings)

    Changed Drop from Package Boxes (Lottery) A/B/C Click

    Added New Boss for normal Muun Pets  (Dambo Boss)  Click

    Golden Kundun: Dark Wizard / Rage Fighter / Fairy Elf Click

    Golden Erohim: Dark Knight / Magic Gladiator Click

    Golden Hell Maine: Summoner / Dark Lord Click

    Strenghtened  Dark Raven, See formulas Click

    Added a little dynamic of experience for Grand Resets.

    Decreased price and level needed for Mastery Reset - /mlreset from 1kkk to 500kk for VIP / 700kk without VIP  Level from 400 to 350.


    Added Leo The Helper For New Players

    Added Quest System. Click Lorencia 143x133

    Added Ranking table in game ( You can see it in User Panel  - End Button )

    Increased drop Jewel of Reset.

    Fixed many small bugs.

    Soon will be added new Muun Pets.


    We Added Reward For All Invasion Monsters on our Server:  Click

    Changed Drop Lottery Boxes Click

    Castle Siege Registration will start on Sunday 00:00 ~ Monday 00:00 Server Time.

    First Castle Siege will be on Saturday 19th  18:00 Server Time.

    Kalima 1-7 Increased Zen 40%

    Post command delay reduced to 5 seconds

    Post command Level reduced to 10 level

    increased effectiveness of poison by 10%

    We Added Reward for Reset Character:

    0 - 10 Reset you get 5 wc 10GP

    10 - 20 Reset you get 6 wc 10GP

    20 - 30 Reset you get 9 wc 13GP

    30 - 40 Reset you get 11 wc 15GP

    40 - 50 Reset you get 13 wc 15GP






    Dear players, do not use cheats, we have a very vigilant team, we see everything, and do not try to prove something after the Ban, the Ban is unlimited!


    The time of Castle Siege is moved to Saturday (For Information on time, Look event timer)

    Increased drop of  Jewel of Reset for 30%

    Increased drop of  Lucky Coins for  50%

    X Shop Update:

    Added:  1/2 Lucky Tickets in W Coin Section

    Added Jewels For Lucky Sets Repair in W Coin/Goblin Point Section.