Update Drop:

Increased Drop Angel Condor (Kalima 2)
Added Drop Angel Condor (Unlock, Low % Kalima 2)
Added Drop Sign of Angel (Lock, Low % Kalima 2)
Increased Drop Blessed Stone v2(Lock)
Increased Drop Weapon Note v2(Lock)

Jewel and Zen Update


Drop Random Jewels from Fairy Invasion 100% (early 70%)
Added Drop Jewel Gold Ticket from Bali Invasion
Added Drop Jewel Gold Ticket from Death Kings Invasion

Now you can sell following unlocked items for Zen(Any NPC):

Sign of Conqueror - 15kk
Conqueror Condor - 20kk
Sign of Angel - 30kk
Angel Condor - 40kk

IMPORTANT : you have to sell items one by one (not packs 2 or more )

Posted 27/04/2023
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