Update 09.03

Added new items to X-shop (WcoinP):
Crystal of Misc v1
Crystal of Socket v1
Ore of Excellent v3
Ore of Level v3
Ancient Box v1
Silver Zen Coin
Golden Zen Coin
Updated Box of Luck : added Rank5 items.
Added exchange command:

/changewc - 1000 WcoinC (Donate) = 500 WcoinP (x-Shop)
/changewp - 1000 WcoinP (x-Shop) = 250 WcoinC (Donate)

 Added new gift code for Premium accounts (x77 server) - novavip2 (Active till next gift-code is out). Gift code prize: 2x Muun Box, 2x Random Golden Box (up to Golden Iron Knight), Money Ring (+50% zen) 24H. To activate the code , just type in - ingame chat /novavip2

Posted 09/03/2024, By admin

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